Ground School

Experienced Instructor Gene Traas Teaching Companion Course EAA Chapter 838 has a decades long tradition of teach aviation classroom course, which we affectionately call Ground School.  We generally teach a ten week course from January to the end of March every year. Course taught in the last three years, 2022 - 2024 include Private Pilot and Instrument Pilot courses.  Each session is on a Wednesday evening for 10 weeks.

May 2024 Companion Ground School Course Additionally, in 2024 we taught a Companion Course for frequently-flying non-pilots.  This was a one day course which includes classroom and flight simulator time.

January 2023 Private Pilot Ground School CourseGenerally, courses are free (no charge) for chapter GOLD members and a nominal fee for other member categories.  Each course is promoted via our website and bi-weekly Propwash newsletter.

Also, our instructor, Gene Traas, is a highly experienced flight instructor with CFI, CFII and Ground Instructor ratings along with Private, Commercial and Instrument certificates.