Flight Simulation Experiences at Chapter 838


EAA Chapter 838 has many flight simulators available to our members and these simulators are in three groups.  Those groups are:
Chapter 838 Library - Simulation Room
1.  Library and Simulator Room.  Located in the building lounge area our aviation library contains two X-Box simulators running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.  This room is open during all membership events including, but not limited to: Monthly Gathering general membership meeting on the third Thursday of each month, Young Eagles events on Saturday's, special events where kids are present.  Additionally, if you are a GOLD member you will be given a key card to access the Library/Sim Room at any time.  Simulator access is included as a feature of your GOLD membership.
Flight Simulation Group Room
2.  Flight Simulation Group Room at the north end of the Museum/Hangar area.  Inside this room are two four-screen, high-end flight simulators for adults only with GOLD memberships and these simulators are available at any time.  You will be trained to use these simulators and we hope that you enhance your aviation skills through frequent use of these devices.
Boeing 737-NG Airliner Simulator
3.  Boeing 737-NG airliner flight simulator.  This is offsite and by appointment only.  We have a 737 day at a professional simulator company about 30 miles south of our facility about three times each year.  The cost is approximately $100 for a 30 minute time slot in the simulator including instructor.  Additionally, a DCS simulator is on premises for those wishing to try their hand at F-18 Navy fighter jet flying and aircraft carrier landings.  You will also find three  virtual reality simulators onsite.  Adults and kids are welcome.  This is an credible experience and you will find out about it via our Propwash email newsletter.