General Aviation Education For Youth

Part of the mission of EAA Chapter 838 is "To provide introductory and ongoing education to youth in order to promote careers in aviation and aerospace." Our regular programs include:

Young Eagles Experience

Young Eagles            

Open to all youth aged 8-17, this program provides an introduction to aviation and aerospace.  This is an international program started when EAA 838 chapter member, the late Sam Johnson, donated $1 million to the national EAA organization with the challenge to fly one million children before the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight. Sam was an avid promoter of drawing youth into aviation. In EAA Chapter 838 Young Eagles rallies are held on the second Saturday of most months from March through November. Our local program includes a ground school to teach the basics of flight taught by our high-school aged Aviation Explorers. Additionally, our Young Eagles have a chance to "fly" our professional-grade simulator and then are offered a ride in a private plane. If you are interested in registering for this experience, or know a youth who could benefit, please visit the national website for a more thorough description, and email us with any questions you may have about our local events. To register for an event, go to

Young Eagles Ground School Training

Aviation Explorer Post 218 

Aviation Exploring is a BSA organization that allows youth between the ages of 14-21 the opportunity to pursue any interest in aviation or aerospace. Whether their interest is in modeling, becoming a pilot or a mechanic, planning a career in aviation or aerospace or are just "plane" interested, they are provided guidance, mentorship and "hands-on" opportunities to further investigate their interest, as well as to be around like-minded teens.

Explorer Post 218 Eating While Helping With A Chapter Project

EAA Chapter 838 is rhe proud (and lucky) sponsor of Explorer Post 218. This hearty group of souls learn about aviation and share their knowledge with those younger than them who are also interested. The Explorers are an affiliate of the larger Scouting Organization, and are a part of the Three Harbors Council.

Our Explorers meet the second and fourth Thursdays of most monts, help with Chapter Young Eagle Rallies, participate in special events, and volunteer at AirVenture. Meetings are held at 7:00pm, usually at the Chapter Building. From time to time, they meet online. The use of remote access has allowed our Explorers to broaden their geographical horizons by events such as a conversation with a WWII Veteran hundreds of miles away. (Meeting days and tiimes may be adjusted to accommodate special events.)

Explorer Post 218 Working On Readying The Chapter Patio For Spring

The event towards which our Explorers aim each year is the experience of camping out at the Explorer Base at AirVenture; as well as "working" one or more shifts per day doing for the convention;  an Explorer might direct airplanes off taxiways, keep pedestrian traffic away from active plane movements, push aircraft into parking areas or other vital jobs. The rest of the time, these youth can explorer the AirVenture grounds, see airshows and attend educational forums. Each Explorer must actively engage in a minimum number of activities and projects during the year in order to earn the opportunity to attend AirVenture as an Explorer. It is the experience of a lifetime, and different each year.

During the rest of the year, Explorers will investigate different facets of aviation and aerospace through activities such as: Coast Guard Tour; Milwaukee Air Operations Tour; United Operations at Chicago O’Hare Airport; TBM Avenger Show in Peru, IL or other such special events. Guest Speakers share their experiences with the Explorers such as: building an airplane, formation flying, crop dusting, Air Traffic Control and much more. 

Explorers also help Chapter 838 at some of their regular activities by Teaching Ground School at Young Eagles Rallies; assisting Chapter picnics; participating in Monday Night Builder sessions; enjoying the annual Mini Golf competition with "older" Chapter members. Members of Post 218 Aviation Explorers are provided a complimentary membership to EAA Chapter 838 and are given priority access to apply for many of the aviation training scholarships provided by EAA and by the Chapter. Many of our Explorers "graduate" to careers in the Air Force or other aviation careers.

For more information, or to become an Explorer or even to just check out a meeting, please contact us at [email protected]