Next Young Eagles on June 10, 2023!

As mentioned above, last week was also our May Young Eagles Rally. While 55 youths had registered, we ended up providing flight experiences to 38 of them. Ground School this month was taught by Chapter Member Sean Dwyer, the person who actually wrote the original curriculum for our Ground School! We appreciate Sean stepping in to help!

Our next Young Eagles Rally will be on June 10. If you know a child or young adult between the ages of 8-17 who would benefit from this experience, have them go to to register. Walk-ins cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to fly. If you are a pilot and want to help provide this experience to youth, please contact Tracy at [email protected]. We will continue to have Rallies throughout the rest of the year, and look forward to great weather and lots of good flying.

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Watch this Space

As many of you know, our favorite electrician, Phil Rush, has been running cable and installing cameras throughout the building and outside for purposes of safety and security. These cameras are mainly to monitor the activity of our rental business and to ensure that the entire airport is safe and secure. But there can be another use for these cameras - the outside camera can provide a view of our airport and the activity there just for fun. So, in the near future, this area of our front page will have a live view from the outside of our building. So if you are killing time and just thinking about aviation, you will be able to see what's going on at our home base! Stay tuned.

Chapter Fly Outs Resume

Our first Chapter Fly Out of this season will be on March 11th. The destination is Madison, to have brunch at The Jet Room. Hopefully the weather Gods will cooperate. We will meet at the chapter at 7:30 and be wheels up shortly after that. As always if you have an extra seat or need a seat, please let Ed know. We hope to once again have Fly Outs to new and exciting destinations every month through November. Our July Fly Out is a great one - we have once again been invited to visit Jason Seel's private strip in the UP of Michigan for a multi-day family event. Stay tuned for more information soon about that. If there is a particular destination you would like to check out, or if you have an idea, contact Ed Becerra