It's Time To Fly!  

N9143U - Cessna 150 from Evolution with members

Better weather has moved in to Wisconsin!  The birds are chirping and the planes are flying.  Isn't it time you learned how to fly and joined many of us spending our Saturday's flying around beautiful Wisconsin!  I think so!  You don't want to experience the dreaded FOMO, do you?  FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out.  So click on this link and visit our Flight Training webpage for more info right now! 

Saturday Fly Outs

 For those of you in search of the $100 Cheeseburger, or Omelet, or whatever is your favorite aviation food, Chapter 838 provides two opportunities each month to join your best aviation friends to fly somewhere and grab a meal and socialize. On the first Saturday of each month, Scott Sherer leads a group for a brunch or lunch flight in the area, and on the third Saturday, Ed Becerra 4e leads a group in search of a good breakfast - and if there is something interesting to see, then  all the better. On June 1st, Scott will lead a flight to Lone Rock, WI to visit Sam's Diner. For Ed's flyouts, you need to be at the airport by around 7:45 for briefing with wheels up around 8:00 am. Scott's are at a more reasonable time, leaving Racine around 9:00 am.  If you are a pilot who is going and have an extra seat, or if you don't have a plane but still want to go, contact Ed or Scott 


Members Enjoying N9143U

Weekly Shop Night

Have you ever wanted to learn how to pull a rivet? Are you mechanically inclined but have no space at home to build things? Are you interested in just seeing the internal workings of an airplane? If any of these apply to you, or if you are just curious, join our intrepid Monday Night Mechanics each Monday from 7:00 pm until people get tired. We are currently rebuilding an engine and completing an airplane that was begun by one of our members who unfortunately passed away before the plane was finished. The goal is to fly it once in memory of the late, great Roy Stuart, and then hang it in our museum. If you are interested in attending, please contact Glen Malkmus, our Shop Coordinator. Youth, please make sure to bring a responsible adult with you.