Companion Co-Pilot Course  

EAA Chapter 838 is proud to announce our Companion CoPilot Course.  As a non-pilot who occasionally flies with your pilot, you may have wondered what it would take to be more than just a passenger and be involved with the flight.  Good news, this class is made just for you! The class will help you understand the principles of flight and how to safely maneuver an airplane in flight.  In the class we will review what makes an airplane fly, what flight controls you’ll use, basic instrumentation and gauges, fundamental radio communication, general navigation equipment and how to participate as an effective crew member before and in-flight.  You’ll also have the opportunity to fly our virtual fleet of aircraft in our brand-new flight simulator lab.This class will be taught by Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor, Gene Traas, who has been instrumental in helping us educate our chapter members. You’ll also be able to meet some local Certilight Instructors who can help you take the next step in your own aircraft. You can register for this class here.

When: May 19th, 2024, from 12pm to 4pm

Where: EAA Chapter 828 3333 N Green Bay Rd Racine, WI

Cost per couple: Gold Members - $0.00; Paid Memberships - $50.00; Free Memberships/Non-Members - $100.00


Monthly Aviation Education Night (formerly known as VMC/IMC Club)

 Join us on the second Tuesday of each month when Kyle Kaliebe, CFI, leads a group discussion in an effort to promote safety in general aviation. What began as VMC/IMC Club has expanded into a much more comprehensive look at how we reply to various emergent flight situations. This group gets their discussion points from FAA  Accident Reports, videos or personal reports from group members. Kylepromises to keep the discussion lively and the topics both interesting and relevant. The next meeting for this group is Tuesday, May 14 at 7pm in the classroom at the Chapter building. All are welcome, regardless of your level of skill. Interest in aviation safety is all that is required. 

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Weekly Shop Night

Have you ever wanted to learn how to pull a rivet? Are you mechanically inclined but have no space at home to build things? Are you interested in just seeing the internal workings of an airplane? If any of these apply to you, or if you are just curious, join our intrepid Monday Night Mechanics each Monday from 7:00 pm until people get tired. We are currently rebuilding an engine and completing an airplane that was begun by one of our members who unfortunately passed away before the plane was finished. The goal is to fly it once in memory of the late, great Roy Stuart, and then hang it in our museum. All are welcome to come and observe, pitch in and learn. Youth, please bring a parent with you - they might get interested as well! If you have any questions, please contact Glen Malkmus, our Shop Coordinator.