EAA Chapter 838, an Aviation Community Center, is comprised of many Constituent Groups!


EAA Chapter 838 has many constituent groups that make up it's membership.  They are, in order of how long they have been affiliated with our chapter are:
1.  EAA Chapter 838 itself, founded in 1984 by Sam C Johnson (SC Johnson) and Quentin and Barbie Rench.
2.  Aviation Explorer Post 218.
3.  Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a civilian arm of the United States Air Force.
4.  Root River Rollers ladies group.  Many of the Rollers members are FAA-certificated pilots and airframe and powerplant mechanics.
6.  Troop 161 and Pack 161 of the Scouts.
Each of these groups is a key player in the success of our chapter and of our ability to get our 125 members' children into aviation.