One of the main purposes of Chapter 838, and a part of our mission, is to provide learning experiences to people of all ages who are interested in, or want to be interested in aviation, science, math, technology, aerospace and mechanics. In order to promote that part of our mission, EAA Chapter 838 offers several programs to encourage investigation and experiential learning. 


In order to protect and promote the future of general aviation, as well as aviation in general, Chapter 838 has a strong youth education component to our Chapter activities. We are the sponsor of Explorer Post 218, a group of high-school aged youth who are interested in aviation and aerospace. We also participate in EAA's Young Eagles Program, providing first flight experiences to youth ages 8-17. Youth of all ages are welcome at any Chapter function, especially Chapter meetings where there are educational presentations and hands-on technical groups.

Youth and Adult:

As mentioned above, education is an important component of the mission of Chapter 838. Many of our monthly Chapter meetings contain educational presentations by experts in aviation fields, such as the FAA, the National Weather Service or Aviation Product Specialists. We have clubs that promote continuing education for pilots and we also offer a Private Pilot's Ground School as demand requires. These activities help us not just to promote flying, but to promote safe and smart flying.